Slide Sheet Washable Patient Transfer Bed Cloth Sliding Sheet


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Elderly Slide Sheet Convenient Blue Washable Transfer Bed Cloth Reusable for Disabled for Hospital


1. Slide Coated: Patient sliding sheet is treated with special coating on both sides, the outer side is non slip and the inner side is glossy.
2. Purpose: Transfer bed cloth is suitable for bedridden persons, and reduces friction during treatments for smoother body movement and transfer.
3. Good Treatment: Turing bed cloth refined nylon slide coated, friction generation in step reduction care, moves and transitions more smoothly.
4. Washable and Breathable: Slide sheet for patient turning is breathable, durable, washable, and easy to dry.
5. Saves Your Back: Transferring, turning and repositioning patients couldn’t be easier with the tubular mover slide sheet.


Item Type: Elderly Slide Sheet
Material: Refined Nylon, Slide Coated
Purpose: To reduce the work strength of nursing staff to turn over and transfer the bedridden person. Refined nylon and slip coating treatment reduce friction during treatment, making body movement and transitions smoother.

Package List:

1 x Elderly Slide Sheet


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Mainland China

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Braces & Supports


Composite Material

Elderly Slide Sheet

Patient Sliding Sheet

Transfer Bed Cloth

Turing Bed Cloth

Slide Sheet for Patient Turnin

Patient Transfer Bed Cloth

Package List

1 x Elderly Slide Sheet


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