Adult Manual Blood Pressure Monitor


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Special aluminium alloy manometer, classic nylon cuff, thigh size XL cuff for your choice
2-tube adult size PVC bladder, standard PVC bulb, large air-release valve with spring
Taper end valve, vinyl zipper bag included, perfect for home, nurses, medical professionals, and nurses
The type of Blood Pressure Monitor most often used by health professionals, still the most reliable and accurate
Meets or exceeds calibration standards set by the American National Standards Institute
Health professionals still prefer the accuracy and reliability of the old-fashioned squeeze-bulb style of blood pressure monitors.
This type of gauge is known as a “sphygmomanometer,” and “aneroid” means it uses a dial rather than a column of mercury.
Home users, medical professionals, and those in training to become health professionals will all love this gauge.
Special Aluminium alloy manometer, classic nylon cuff 2-tube adult size PVC bladder, standard PVC bulb large air-release valve
Perfect for home, medical professionals, and nurses.

Fits any adult arm between 9-13 inch (22-35cm circumference)
Measuring Accuracy +/- 3mmHg
Measuring Pressure Range 20 ~ 280mmHg

What’s included:
1 x Aneroid sphygmomanometer
1 x Vinyl zipper bag
1 x Stethoscope


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