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Professional Bedpan Thick PP Bedridden Patient Bed Pan with Lid for Elderly Men Women
1. It adopts a curved design with a wide sitting surface suitable for various body shapes, which can be more comfortable to use and relieve waist pain.
2. The bedpan cover has the characteristics of preventing the leakage of peculiar smell, and its swelling design can reduce the adhesion of dirt.
3. The back end of the potty is equipped with a handle, which is convenient for the nursing staff to hold, insert and pull out from under the patient.
4. Intimate groove design at the front end, preventing dirt from spilling out. With a capacity of 1580cc and sufficient depth, it can be used with confidence.
5. Made of quality PP mateiral, durable and harmless to health. Suitable for bedridden patient, can use at home.


Item Type: Bedpan

Material: Resin PP
Heat Resistance Temperature: 120℃

How to use:
Use it yourself:
1. Bend your knees, raise your waist, and place the bedpan under your hips;
2. If the bed can be adjusted to 10-20 degrees, it will be easier to defecate. Note: The angle cannot be too high;
Others help to use:
1. Bend your knees, separate your knees, and raise your waist.
2. The patient cannot be lifted from the waist: Lift the patient sideways, place the bedpan on the hip, and then return to the supine position;
3. For those who cannot be sideways, wrap a cloth around the buttocks, raise one arm, and put the bedpan under the buttocks;
4. When used by men, it can be used at the same time with the urine receiver.

Cleaning and disinfection:
1. Rinse with clean water and dry in the sun.
2. It can be washed with boiling water.
3. Do not boil for cleaning.
4. It can be wiped and disinfected with alcohol.
5. The cushion can be washed with water, but do not use disinfectant.

Package List:

1 x Bedpan

1 x Lid

1 x Waist Cushion

1 x Cleaning Brush


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